MICHAEL AUSTIN, founder, producer, emcee

"Pop Culture Warrior"of SecretFormula, Michael has been connecting people with their pop culture roots ever since he started hosting music video Sing-Alongs in his apartment and once the neighbors started complaining he started producing events at venues all over NYC. Soon he was bringing his adult fantasies of watching cartoons and eating cereal with other "grown-ups" at Spoons, Toons and Booze and creating unique experiences for lovers of specific pop culture to come together off-line and in person to celebrate their nerdery together.


NELL CASEY, producer, emcee

Few things bring Nell greater joy than joining in a group of people belting the chorus to some NSYNC song, which is good because that's what she's lucky enough to facilitate at many a SecretFormula Sing-Along. When she's not gushing about a divine love for He-Man on the microphone she enjoys playing trivia and earnestly trying to indoctrinate friends into her cheese cult. Nell is the former Food Editor at Gothamist.